Assessing and Developing Organic Content for your Learning Management System

If your company uses computer-based training, you need effective courses to support your organic program. OES can help. Our experts understand learning management programs and can work closely with your internal organizational development staff or learning management companies. We draw on our expertise to create courses that reflect your organic plan and help your employees comply with national organic program standards.

Creating Effective Content for your Learning Management System

E-Learning Content Analysis and Consulting

Creating Effective Content for your Learning Management System?

The OES technical experts can help you create courses that support your organic business. Our philosophy is focused on delivering the right information to the right people. We can help you identify the skills and competencies that your personnel need to successfully manage and implement certified organic programs.

Then, we’ll help you create learning plans and define content for employees based on their job responsibilities. Our experts can write or provide detailed input to your course authors.

Our decades of inspection and plant experience ensure that your questions, scenarios and learning activities reflect what really goes on in a facility. Our practical, real-world content will help your employees prevent common mistakes.

E-Learning Content Analysis and Consulting

With our experience in organic certification plan development, we’ll help you connect the dots between your organic control documents and your education programs. We can create review programs to ensure employees understand your operating procedures. Or we can simply review your content to ensure accuracy and compliance to the various organic program standards.

OES will conduct an analysis of your existing e-learning programs to help you build improve the effectiveness of you organic programs. Our process includes:

  1. Working with internal stakeholders to define business goals and priorities by business unit, department or personnel level.
  2. Reviewing your existing course content and assessing their alignment to your goals/priorities and technical accuracy.
  3. Defining opportunities for improvement to achieve goals or compliance to regulations.

Our recommendations will help you take your organization’s organic education program to the next level.